First of all, let me apologize for the artwork on this one. In fact, the art for this entire season is pretty shitty. Why? Well, I got a ton of excuses, but the best one is that I suck at drawing. Sometimes I get a few good shots in, but most of what I illustrate is crap. Keep that in mind.

Next up, who are these characters? The one on the left is Dan. So is the one on the right. Something of a timefuck that allows these guys to interact, since I changed my hairstyle after I joined the Air Force in 2002. Of course, I never mentioned their names in the course of the season because my father warned me that if I ever created anything worthwhile, someone was sure to steal it. So I based the comic on me and myself. Go ahead. Try and tell me that I don’t own the rights to “Dan Beadle.”

Then again, my father’s advice isn’t always sound. He’s an eccentric kinda guy, like a poor man’s Howard Hughes. Paranoid? Yer damn right. After he saw this comic, he gave me an hour lecture about how college professors don’t want to be reminded that the students they’re banging have fathers who could beat them up. Took me about 50 minutes to figure out he was talking about the comic strip. Took me about just as long to stop caring, and recognize that being offensive is kinda fun.

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